Reinstall Windows Without Losing 8 personal applications or files RecImg Manager

Whatever reasons you have a user reinstall operating system Windows, Most times it is a task that needs to be avoided, primarily because consumption of time free. In Windows 8 There are two Feature Links new refresh si Reset PCThat although promise management more efficient and time Full restoration system (in option refresh without losing installed applications si personal files), In most cases the system works slower or errors After using this feature sites and in terms of time, can take more than a resettlement DVD. There is also possibility create a backup image, With which we restore the system state of the creation of that image, but only image creation may take up to an hourAnd restore all about it. Although the above solutions we recommend using backup imageDespite consumption of time, a solution much faster create a backup system and system restore using that backup is using RecImg Manager.


Unlike other utilities which can be created using backups for Windows 8That creates snapshots of the system at a time and cause data loss (Especially if we talk about documents created or modified after creating backup) RecImg Manager includes not backup images than Windows files si installed applicationsWhich means that all personal files remain intact - Nothing is changed, nothing is lost. In addition, backups created with RecImg Manager are much smaller compared with the backups created by other such software.

RecImg Interface ManagerSimple and intuitive, it is interface inspired by Metro 8 Windows operating system, and has two options: backup si Restore. With it, reinstall / restore the operating system is quick and easy, whether you are talking touch-screen devices or traditional DesktopsWith mouse and keyboard.


Created backups can be saved so localAs well as a network drive or FTP.


And if you want to do system restore, click on Restore and will be Show all available backupsDepending on the location and the dates on which they were created.


RecImg Manager is a rapid alternative and safety restoring or reinstalling Windows 8. In addition, the software can be set to automatically make backups programmed time intervals and also can automatically delete old backup imagesTo save space on the HDD.


Note: RecImg Manager is compatible only with Windows 8.

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STEALTH SETTINGS - Reinstall Windows 8 without losing apps and personal files with RecImg Manager

Reinstall Windows Without Losing 8 personal applications or files RecImg Manager

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