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I am thinking what would happen if I put a sign post in Orange, where visitors to ask their personal data for who knows what nonsense? Data to use them, of course not very orthodox purposes. Would I find someone to leave a comment with a number and no. CI + a CNP? Absolutely yes! But if I use a bank logo and I put some fields in which to write the card number, name and private data etc? It found enough gullible ...

Last week and now about 2-3 months, we had some strange comments to posts that are trying to attract attention to online banking fraud attempts. Eg , Someone tried last week to check account from Raiffeisen BankIn the form comment. I did not accept the comment given. Else, let me now 3 months of card data (including PIN). They were beautifully written on each row. Card number, account name, pin ... etc. and finally ... "I want to know how much money I". Surely though they were accepted at that comment, until reaching the bank account had nothing. (Or if he gave information on other sites ... Amen).
Last "Notes" gender came tonight to which has no connection with any mobile service. The only mark is the word "Orange"Used in the title of the post.
Try to decipher handwriting stinks and see how far you can reach some naivety. I allowed Who wants to be a "CLAIM NOTIFICATION". by Orange Romania, to delete another author identification (NPC, serial no. bulletin).

Click here: http://www.stealt….l#comment-49670

Indeed, man was the victim of cheap Tepe. That site, there.

Customer ORANGE /

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