Remove Admin Bar in WordPress 3.2.1 +

With the release 3.2, Appeared a useful new users of WordPressBut troublesome for some. WordPress Admin Bar. Bar Management which occurs after the user is logged on blog, And contains quick links to Dashboard, Profile, edit post / page current, add new item, etc ...
I saw to remove WordPress Admin Bar are many plugins, but to be honest not really understand the point. WordPress Admin Bar can be removed simply from the Dashboard.

Remove WordPress Admin Bar in WordPress 3.2.1

1. After you log on the blog, go to the bar to "User"> "Edit My Profile"

Remove WordPress Admin Bar

2. In "Profile"Under"Personal Options"Check box"When viewing site"Next"Show Admin Bar".

Disable WordPress Admin Bar

3. Click on "Update Profile".

From here you can enable Admin Bar for Dashboard. I do not see why anyone would do this, but WordPress offers this option.

Another option to disable admin bar is adding the line <? Php show_admin_bar (false);?> in functions. (File in the theme)

Remove / Disable Admin Bar in WordPress.

Remove Admin Bar in WordPress 3.2.1 +

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