“Reset This PC” in Windows 10 si Windows 11 - Bug when deleting OneDrive data

For older versions of Windows, completely wiping the operating system by formatting and reinstalling the operating system from scratch was the only way a PC could be "reset".
With Windows 10, Microsoft has introduced "Reset This PC“. A perfect option when we want to we delete absolutely all data on a PC and get it we bring it to the initial state which was immediately after the installation of the operating system. No installed applications and no personal files. Theoretically all this should be erased when we choose to we completely reset the operating system Windows. Reset Windows PC.

We often use the PC reset option when it seems like something it doesn't work normally anymore or I did some system changes which we no longer know how to we bring it to the initial state.
"Reset This PC”Is an option also used when we want to offer the laptop / PC to someone else or we want to sell it. It's still a problem. According to Microsoft's official "Known issues in Windows 10 si Windows 11". the "Reset This PC" option does not delete or partially delete the data saved in OneDrive. So the new owner that the PC or laptop reaches could have access to the data of the previous owner. Which is certainly not desirable.

How do we reset a PC or laptop that we want to sell or give to someone else?

The backup process is simple, but before doing so, make sure that all the personal data you still need has been saved to an external storage drive or cloud service (OneDrive, DropBox, iCloud..).

Going back a little to the above issue, before the stay it is very advisable to Disconnect your OneDrive account from Windows, and then Manually delete files that have been downloaded locally. The latter being the ones that the bug present in many versions of Windows 10 si Windows 11, do not delete them by the option "Reset This PC".

After disconnecting the account OneDrive and the local files have been deleted, we go to Windows Settings at the "Reset This PC" option. We find this in the menu: "System”→“Recovery”→“Reset this PC”(Under Recovery options).

Reset This PC
Reset This PC

On "Reset this PC" we have two options:

  1. Keep my files - option to delete applications and settings Windows, but without deleting personal files.
  2. Remove everything - delete all settings, applications and personal files.
Reset This PC Options
Reset PC Options

If you are in the scenario where you want to give your PC to someone else or sell it, the second option is recommended.

Follow the steps to completely reset your PC by deleting your personal settings, applications and files.

Affected by this issue, which prevents deleting locally downloaded OneDrive personal files, are versions Windows 10 20:2 p.m. Windows 10 21:2 p.m. Windows 10 21:1 p.m. Windows 11 21H2 si Windows 11 21H2.

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