Reset Firefox to default settings

Firefox is one of the most used browsersOr it's users Windows, Linux or Poppy, Primarily due to its speed, and the possibility of customize to suit individual needs. But one of Firefox's problems (As of orcarei other browserFact) is that when you are done too many changes in settingsIt can start not respond properly to commands, to more difficult to load than they should or even have crashes and close unexpectedly.

When you meet Firefox's trouble, Most users tend to it uninstall and reinstallLeze to get rid of them. But this solution can often mean time we can not afford to lose. Therefore, the simplest is to Please reset to its default settings.

How can reset Firefox to default settings?

  • open Firefox, Then click on the orange button in the upper left corner, select Help, then select Restart with Add-ons Disabled


  • after closing the browser will display a window of Safe ModeWhere you can choose what you want to be reset to the browser. To restore the settings to default valuesIt is enough to check the Reset toolbars and controls, Reset all user preferences to Firefox defaults si Restore default search engines. This way you will not have to give up bookmarks saved in the browser (unless you keep really).
  • Once you have marked reset options, Click on Make Changes and Restart.

reset firefox-default-settings

On restarting your browser, you will be greeted by a Firefox that looks just like if it was reinstalled. Much simpler and more economical with your time

STEALTH SETTINGS - Reset Firefox to Default Settings

Reset Firefox to default settings

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