General Internet Reset Explorer (IE6, IE 7 & IE 8)

It is one of the most popular browsersThey are confused by some of the novice users Internet.

Compared to , si , Internet Explorer is less stable and put more security issuesBut we must recognize that some of the fault is the issue of stability and user experience, which installs toolbar-hate, add-onATVs and visiting sites "dubious" whose sources include codes .

If you made the head by Internet settings Exporer, You activate and install add-ons and toolbars, and he started to move harder, give errors or to no longer openThen a General reset the browseracquis could solve the problem.

Reset Internet Explorer Settings (IE 6, IE7, IE 8 - I did not test on IE9)

Before saying how we can reset the internet ExplorerIt is good to know that reset involves:

Disable add-ons tooblars & (Very useful if you are dealing with a crash that occurred after installing an add-on or toolbar)
Clearing the list of blocked sites and list of trusted sites (which applies to who uses this setting to limit access to certain sites).
delete cookies and custom settings for cookies.
- reset Pop-up Blocker (delete including popup list allowed)
reseteare settings tabs
reset security settings.
reset peronalizare (language, Colors, fonts, zoom, search box)
- Delete temporary Internet files, cookies, form data - Autocomplete data saved passwords...
reset feeds (If you have added sites you should make a backup before reset the browser).
- Reset settings ActiveX controls.
- reset InPrivate Filtering - Reset custom settings.

How can we reset the Internet Explorer 6, IE 7 or IE 8

1. open (Win + R) and type:

rundll32 inetcpl.cpl ResetIEtoDefaults

Run Internet Reset Explorer Settings

OK or Enter.

2. In the box that opens click on the make "Reset".

reset Internet Explorer Settings

If after this step does not solve your browser is recommended to repeat the command and check the box "Delete personal settings".

No need to open the Internet Explorer before using reset command "rundll32 inetcpl.cpl ResetIEtoDefaults". Might be used if the browser is not open or if the browser is not opened due to an error.

Internet reset command Explorer via Run Box has been tested on , si .

Stealth Settings: Internet Explorer - Reset to Default Settings .

General Internet Reset Explorer (IE6, IE 7 & IE 8)

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