restart Windowsusing the Task Manager

users Windows's Not foreign small "Extreme sports" that provokes the operating system when errors bloom abundantly beyond desktop wallpaper or popcorn when, in extreme cases, it ice cream blocking all applications open at that time. The practice is forced system restart. But this feature has some significant shortcomings over the reigns damage to internal components of that system. Therefore it is advisable to try to restart the system in a less unconventional, using Task ManagerCPC.

Task Manager can be accessed in two ways on a blocked:

  • Ctrl+ Alt + Del
  • Ctrl+Shift+ Esc

After accessing the Task Manager can restart applications blocked (in tab Processes Select the application you want to restart then click on end Process, Then go to File and click on New Task) or you can restart Windowsgoing to Shut Down and choosing from the menu option Restart.


restart Windowsusing the Task Manager

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