[How To] Restore iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch from iTunes or iCloud Backup

When we lose documents, pictures, movieor applications on an iPhone, iPod or iPad, the simplest solution to them recover is restoring backups (Restore from backup).

By default, any Apple device is set up to make a backup copy of iCloud (Apple's online account for data storage on their servers) or iTunes backup with data stored on Mac or PC.

How to restore a backup of an iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch from Apple iCloud

If I have deleted all data on the iPhone, iPod Touch or iPad and gave a total reset (Settings > General > reset >Erase All Content and Settings) We followed uramatorii steps:

1. We start the device and expected to appear first home screen, called Hello screen.

2. We follow the first steps of setting you follow deviceului.iOS Setup Assistant. Connect your device to a Wi-Fi network when we are asked this, then we follow the setup steps.ICloud_logo_ (new)

3. Choose Restore from iCloud Backup year and we logged in with the Apple ID iCloud account. E-mail account password and iCloud.

4. If we have several backups in iCloud, choose backup we want to restore. We must be Notice the date Since it was created and the size of theTo be sure that the backup is that we want to restore. Backup size is given in the general operating system iOS plus pictures, Music, applications si documents who were on the device when it was backed up. Choose backup and start the transfer of the device.

5. If we have apps purchased from multiple Apple IDs in the iTunes Store (Music) or App Store (applications, games, books, Etc.) will be logam turn with each ID in hand to install the buyer's content is present in the backup archive. If we do not know the password for an Apple ID account, we can skip this step. Skip.

6. Wait until your iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch finish the restore process. It is important that during this period the devices can remain connected to the Wi-Fi network. If the connection is interrupted, the restore process will be realu when the device will reconnect to the Internet.

Restoration time will be determined by the speed of download and the size of backup archives.

Restore iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch via iTunes backup

This tutorial It is for those who have decided to keep backupOn the Poppy or PCand device is already set. In the previous tutorial I introduced you to restore the device to a total reset. Full reset.

Screen Shot at 2015 09-18-9.34.13 PM

1. Connect deviceCPC data cable / USB which is stored in computer backup.

2. Open iTunes. If iTunes will appear as an update of iOS is available for your device is better to make this update before giving restore from backup.iTunes-Logo-icon

3. Go to iTunes in utilities bar (top bar) toFillet > Devices > Restore from Backup.

4. Look at the date on which the back-up and size, to be sure that the one you want to restore your Apple device.

5. Click "Restore" and wait until the end of backup restore process. Meanwhile iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch will reboot, but you have to leave it plugged into the computer until the restore process is complete.

A tutorial that will help you r8.4.1 estaurati operating system iOS on iPhone, iPad or iPod touch archive with the firmware IPSWoriginal, is presented amtelefon.com.

Tutorial downgrade to iOS 9 8.4.1 iOS for iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch

This tutorial is strongly recommend to those who want to downgrade the iOS operating system or newer iOS 9 9 8.4.1 iOS version.

[How To] Restore iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch from iTunes or iCloud Backup

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