Restrict the use of USB devices in Windows XP

Perhaps you'll agree with me that PC security refers not only to antiviruses and everything about them, but also to whether or not you wish to allow others access to important information and / or private hdd-ul/-urile stored on it (especially if we refer to personal PC). It is therefore important to know how we protect this information or, more precisely, how to prevent "migration" them.

In most cases, copying information / files without the holder (theft) is done using USB devices (sticks, external hard drives, etc..), Primarily because they can connect quickly and directly to the system and as can be quickly and transfer data. To prevent the use of these devices in order mentioned, recommend restricting connection them to your system

Restrict the use of USB devices to Windows XP

1. Restricting USB storage devices that are not installed in system

  • enter % Windir% \ inf in Run and give Enter to open the inf
  • identify files usbstor.inf si usbstor.pnf and change their permissions for users following steps:
  • - right click on each file and select Properties, In tab Security selected user or group of users who want to restrict the use of USB despozitivelor system. In Permissions for Users tick Deny and then let OKAY.

2. Restricting USB storage devices that are already installed in the system

  • open registry Editor (Run->regedit) And follow the path HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE \ SYSTEM \ CurrentControlSet \ Services \ UsbStor
  • in the right pane, change the value entry (DWORD) Start in 4. After this change, the system will no longer detect the USB devices installed (to lift the restriction, change the input value Start in 3.)

If you wish to restricted only writing (copying) files to USB storage devicesThen open registry Editor and follow the path HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE \ SYSTEM \ Current Control Set \ Control \ StorageDevicePolicies. In the right pane create entry Write Protect (DWORD) and give the value 1 (1 = enable).

Restrict the use of USB devices in Windows XP

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