Telekom Romania Network "dropped" at the National Level

Almost 6 hours are when subscribers to the Telekom Romania mobile network from almost the whole country are no longer incoming and receiving calls. That's what happens today, 05 March 2018.
At the insistence of several press trusts, officials of the Telekom Romania have given the following release on Facebook:

"UPDATE: We're sorry for the technical network problems that occurred today. We estimate mobile network problems will be resolved tonight. Our technical teams are still working on solving them. We apologize for the inconvenience and we keep you informed of the situation.

Against technical dysfunctions, some of Telekom customers may have difficulty accessing voice and data services. Our technical teams are currently working to remedy these shortcomings in the shortest possible time. We apologize for the inconvenience we have created and ensure that our specialists make every effort to restore services to normal parameters. "

Honestly, I can not help remembering that Telekom subscriber was on a September day ago with 3-4 years, I also had this problem. I was in the center of a provincial city, and after 10: 00 AM until 14: 00 was unable to receive and initiate calls.
After several unsuccessful attempts to contact Telekom's Customer Relations Department, I'm responding to a very sictiritous duel that explained the cause of my problem in 3 seconds:

Sorry, but the network is congested in the center of your area because today schools started

I would not be surprised to be a similar issue today, but at national level this time. Most likely a week-long unprogrammed holiday, which included the "1 March", the re-launch of schools took them by surprise.

Telekom Romania Network "dropped" at the National Level

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