romantic @ first site (Current ) Promotes a way as stupid as it is effective television station website Romantica, .
Category Technology / IT, the headlines appear two or three rows of news, followed by: Read more. Better. Tonight, three rows of news "Google fights against censorship on the Internet"I was determined I click on"Read more ". Ok .... So I got to read a story of IT category a ("Google fights against censorship on the Internet") On a dedicated website telenovelistilor and fans fashionable gossip ( ). How nice .. see scheenshot. ..

Eh? Best way to promote a site, right? If I look at That is called FRAUD ! Place in a website for women telenoveliste (, a content of Technology / IT ( Cool. How stupid to be put into a site for women news / headlines like "Google fights against censorship on the Internet"With mundane news and etc."Eva Longoria will get millions of pictures from the wedding "? ? Target? What's that? Visitors? Enough! According ~ 2700 of the 3400 visitors / day of come from .


Google fight against Internet censorship

romantic @ first site

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