Dacia Sandero was launched in Romania!

Today I got some pictures on reality TV, the launch ceremony Dacia Sandero In Romania. The new Dacia model, looks good but remains to be seen how it will withstand the potholes in Romania and the sounds will take out after the first 10.000 km.


Dacia Sandero 1

Dacia Sandero 3

Dacia Sandero-2

Dacia Sandero, is not new. The car was presented to the public as early as March this year at Geneva Motor Show.

The model has 4,02 m length, width and wheelbase 1,75 2,59 m m and trunk capacity is 320 liters. For starters, Dacia proposes two types of gasoline engine (1.4 l / 75 hp and 1.6 l / 90 hp) that will be available later diesel for Sandero in Romania.

Persons interested Sandero, starting tomorrow can order the new DACIA entire network, across the country. Price ranges from ~ 7.000 and 9.900 euros all taxes included. It bonus offers , 3 year warranty or 100.000 KM. :)

Dacia Sandero was launched in Romania!

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