Safari Technology Preview - Discover how to move web technologies: HTML, JavaScript and CSS

It is Safari far the most popular web browserBut for users MacOS a higher level of experience, Safari is definitely the default browser on the Mac. If we consider that almost all users Poppy have a iPhone or iPadThen surely Safari is the best choice. synchronize in real time between the device's works perfectly. From "Favorites"And"Bookmarks" up to passwords andcookies.

Add-ons si extensions almost no possibilities to modify source impossible, make Safari a very stable browser, fast and especially…safe.

Even if Apple He gave up developing versionWindowsFor MacOS things are different. Beside UpdateURLs received regular version "stable" Apple is working in parallel and Safari Technology Preview.

What is Safari Technology Preview?

We could say that is a kind of "beta" of what is to come in the standard version of Safari.
Technology Preview is Decic Safari web developers, providing a picture of what's to come in future web technologies, the development of visual effects for web, opening also new tool sites.
With Safari Technology Preview can test the updates in terms of HTML, JavaScript si CSS.

Safari Technology Preview includes the latest version of W. Rendering engine that underlies Safari.
Safari Technology Preview Update is very simple, App StoreLike any other application Apple Mac presence.

Web developers interested in this version, can download directly from Apple's website, at this.

A complete list of updates and novelties, can be found

Safari Technology Preview - Discover how to move web technologies: HTML, JavaScript and CSS

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