Save your passwords in Firefox (Saved Password) on another computer or ... a backup.

If the Google Chrome backup Passwords is solved by simply timing browser with your account Google/gmailon Firefox saving passwords (Saved Password) Is a bit more difficult. Unless you want to use a special tool to backup saved passwords in browser.

Backup Mozilla Firefox Saved Passwords

When we login via Firefox on a system / web site that require user and password (gmail, facebook, yahoo mailEtc.), we ask if we want to save userSite / Email Address si password browser. Saved passwords are visible in Firefox > Options > Security > Saved Password. Here are stored the data that contains the user authentication URL, user, and password. If we want to reinstall the operating system or we want these saved data in the browser to be used in another caller, then we need to have the files that contain them.

In Mozilla Firefox are two files containing data logging. key3.db si signons.sqllite. These two files are saved in the folder created by the browser profile for each user on Windows. To access the pro foldersfiletheir existing Firefox on a PC, go with Windows Explorer la % APPDATA% \ Mozilla \ Firefox \ ProfilesAnd if you want to open current profile folder, type in Address Bar in Firefox: about: support and click the button "Open Containing Folder".

support about Mozilla Firefox

Copy the files key3.db si signons.sqllite.


In this way you can copy users and passwords stored on another PC installed Mozilla Firefox.

It is good that these files store them in a safe place for anyone who comes into their possession will have access to all your passwords they saved in Firefox.

From my perspective, this is a serious security problem for Mozilla Firefox. Those who use the Save password option, it is recommended to use the option Master Password.

Stealth SettingsBackup Mozilla Firefox Saved Passwords.

Save your passwords in Firefox (Saved Password) on another computer or ... a backup.

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