Save icon preview Microsoft Office files Word & Excel 2010.

Save Thumbnail Previw files (Word & Excel) in .

In addition to the many improvements of package 2010, There is also the possibility of save icons (thumbnails) Documents Office si Office.
When we quickly looked for a document Excel or Word PC, besides filename si tagCPC (label) it can help us a lot and a preview icon of the content of the document. thumbnail Preview documents 2010 Office Word and ExcelIs a feature Microsoft introduced Windows operating systems 7. Something like , I wrote about some time ago.

How can we save a Word file or Excel Office 2010 the preview icon. 

Everything starts at editing and saving the document. After which edit an Excel file or Word, We click on the button "Fillet"And then"Save As"From the left menu:

office file

"Save As .."

save as documnet

Select the location on your hard drive where we want to save the file and tick "Save Thumbnail".

save thumbnail

Now all you have to do is go to the folder where I saved the document or documents menu and select "More Options" (shown in the top right in picture below) but want to display large icons.

Folder View Options

Thumbnail Preview is a very good solution for "search" when inside documents are pictures or headers. We can quickly find the document we are interested.

Thumbnail preview is only available with Microsoft Office and Windows 2010 7 for files Office 2010, Office Word 2010 si Office Excel 2010.

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Save icon preview Microsoft Office files Word & Excel 2010.

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