Save.exe & Savenow.exe (WhenUsearch Adware)

If you ever wondered what is and why your PC running process save.exe, Well, this is some of intruders sometimes sneaks in OS. Most likely this process was installed by you - but without your knowledge - Along with other application / software.

Save.exe was reported as belonging to the program WhenU Adware search because all the PCs running this process are displayed popups with adsAnd sometimes were observed changes in browser settings. Also save.exe change and startup settingsSo that it can be started after each system restart.

Savenow.exe is another process that belongs WhenUsearch Adware program. It was reported that adware (sometimes even spyware) As monitor internet browsing in order to promote certain advertisements.

Careful! If you find savenow.exe save.exe and running in your system, we recommend to close / finish these processes and to remove them from the system. Then do a thorough scanning it to ensure that you clean the system.

Save.exe & Savenow.exe (WhenUsearch Adware)

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