Change the default folder Download Safari on Mac OS X

For OS X systems, Safari is internet browserCPC most recommended, being automatically installed with the operating system.
If you visit a web page and you have unloaded (download for free) A file, usually you have to do just a click download linkAnd Safari does the rest. Download window will update you on the status / progress of the download. file size Downloading, filename, download speed and the remaining time until the download is complete. In all this type you can browse on other web pages or even download other files, which will be added to download list.
Option + Command + L to open the list of folders downloaded.

Safari Download Files

By default, Safari will download the files in the system folder DownloadsBut we can change the destination by following a few simple steps downloaded files.

1 - Open the Safari> Preferences (Command +)

Screen Shot at 2015 09-15-12.48.43 PM

2 - We go to the tab "General"And to"Save downloaded files to... "Select"Other"To choose us a new folder in which to save downloaded files automatically with Safari.

Screen Shot at 2015 09-15-12.50.47 PM

In our case, we created a folder called "Safari" in which all files are downloaded automatically.

Screen Shot at 2015 09-15-12.51.35 PM

From here you can determine if Safari to automatically open or not safe files (which are safe). For example, when you download a .zip archiveSafari will automatically unzip the files and open Finderacquis in the folder created from the downloaded. So we do if downloaded a PDF, TXT, etc. Uncheck "Open “safe” files after downloading"To prevent the automatic opening of downloaded files.

Tutorial / OS X Yosemite and Safari

Change the default folder Download Safari on Mac OS X

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