Change the time format (clockwise from bottom right) to Windows Vista - AM, PM in 24H

Many users, after installing the system , noticed that clock in the bottom right (Sys tray) appears in the format AM / PM. For some this is not a problem, but others would like to change the time formatOf AM / PM in 24H.

clock windows view

To change the time format in the "sys tray clock" you need to follow a few simple steps. (The same steps must be followed by users )

1. Go to the start bar, open control Panel and click on "Clock, Language, and Region".

control panel - clock settings

2. In the panel that opens, click on "Regional and Language Options".

Regional and Language Options

3. In the “Regional and Language Options” panel, click theCustomize this format... ”, and in the next panel that will open (Customize Regional Options), click on the tabTime“. Now you have reached the right place :) Just select the characters "Caps" HH: mm: ss, to set your time in 24H format.
The picture below will explain step by step what to do. Click image.

set time format windows view

4. OK & Apply.

vista clock 24H

Following the steps above, you can change the time display format in Windows 7.

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