Change PC name to Windows 10 - Change Computer Name in Windows 10

When installing the operating system Windows XP, Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows 8.1 or Windows 10Each PC / computer receives a name. computer Name. In the case of PCs with operating systems Windows 10, the name is in the form "Desktop-75svCds" e.g. These names can be given either in an operating system is installed by default or by the user during registration. Computer Name we must help identify computer network (LAN) and be unique.

If you choose to install a name that you want to change or want to change name given by default when installing the operating system Windows 10, you can do this by following a few simple steps.

How can we change the name of the computer (PC) with Windows 10

1. Panel opens Settings al Windows 10 and we go to "System". The first option image below.


2. In "System"We go to the last option of the menu on the left. About. Then go to "Rename PC"

Rename_Windows 10 Computer Name (2)

3. After clicking on the 'Rename PC " enter the name you want to put the PC, then click "Next". Please note that the PC name may contain characters from A to Z lowercase or uppercase, Numbers from the 0 9 and the hyphen character (-). PC name cannot contain other special characters (eg: [Email protected]# $% ^ &) or spaces.


4. Restart your chosen name to be registered on the system.

PC name

After reboot will change the name of the operating system, and it will be identified in LAN (local area network) with the new name.

Change PC name to Windows 10 - Change Computer Name in Windows 10

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