School of Weddings ...

I saw ... at least that we (me and Eugene) of the car, as written on a village house revival (Ialomita). "School of Weddings". Sounds weird name and not ... let's take a picture.

Ganda the world through those parts needs something, though I could not imagine what would follow "courses" out there. In my mind it sounds more like a place of meditation and training for initiation afterlife (Ie after marriage). It was something I needed many (I do!). Anyway ... stop in front of the house and take a picture, both convinced that it says "School of Weddings". The shock came a few seconds after I took this picture. We were both lipisti eye of the camera display when I realized that I write something else. "Wedding Shop". As I read both a few minutes else, I can not explain it. :))). Eugen probably need a degree in addition and read what they would have wanted him to write there. :)) I ...? hhrrr: D

PS. Eugene, I think we need to make the best time for class "A lens pay us!" :)

Clearly written .. and how ...

School of Weddings ...

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