Users and passwords stolen by RCS & RDS??

In most cities in the country authentication on the Internet infrastructure RCS & RDS (One of the largest Internet providers in Romania) Is by user si password.
A month ago I went on a little vacation to GalatiWhere you capture for me, I could connect to the Internet using username and password from my account & RDS RDS Buzau. It seems that the database user s RDS is very large and is divided into towns.
This has good parts and the less good. The good thing is that we can connect with our account from anywhere in the country, where we have access to a Internet cable RDS. The downside is that this "freedom of access"Made userele si passwords Internet connection of RDS to be a bruise more than passwords Yahoo! Messenger IDs.

Here is a SPAM messages received:

rcs rds mail

Of course the web address / link in this post RDS is not officialAnd if you open that page are invited to enter username and password. This is called "Phishing"And is a way to steal username and password (in the best case) or credit card information (in the worst case).

After deschdeti a web page before you enter data and personal accounts, carefully check the web address in the address bar your browser. For best protection use Mozilla Whose phishing & malware protection is very effective.

false address

We advise you to stay away from suspicious messages however it would seem credible, and if you access such sites, it is advisable to contact your ISP immediately.

Users and passwords stolen by RCS & RDS??

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