Your searches might be slow because the index is not running [Windows Tip Features]

When we looked different pictures, movie or documents in Windows PCMost hand we dedicated search bar. Search. Somewhere in the top right of Windows Explorer.

Search in folders or folders that contain a sequence of number of filesIt may take a while if they were not indexed previously operating system.

While doing a search, appears in the top bar "Your searches Might Be Slow Because the index is not running ...". What does this thing mean? That Indexing Service files The hard has not been started, and display of results may delay. Enabling this option "Search Indexing Service"Help formation of libraries ce indexes contain files present on the PC, to be User listing in a short timeWhen these demands through function "Search".
It is true that in the first phase, this service will consume some system resources, particularly on traditional hard disks that do not have a very high speed compared to Flash / SSD, but is a recommended option.

How to activate Search Index on Windows? (Valid for all versions of Windows)

As we say and the message, click the left bar "tips".

After we click on the bar, will open a dialog box asking if we have been active in the Indexing service activation.

"Turn on index"To start the process of indexing the files on your hard disk.

This feature of Windows It is present on all the eversion Windows XP up to Windows 10.

According to Microsoft, this service will run only when the PC is in the "idle"(Ie it is started but not used), but I often encountered this service running when I needed the system resources of Windows. Which, of course, made my PC work process a bit difficult.

Your searches might be slow because the index is not running [Windows Tip Features]

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