SearchFilterHost.exe - High CPU [Disable / Error Fix]

Introduced Microsoft a feature al Windows Vista, SearchFilterHost.exe is a process maintained on the operating system Windows 7. Although it is located in the core files folder (C: WINDOWSSystem32), You can dispense with the process without degrading good functionality operating system. Together with SearchIndexer.exe si SearchProtocolHost.exe, SearchFilterHost.exe, say Indexing Services.

searchfilerhost cpu

Indexing Services is a kind of application that indexes all files stored of your hard drive, To be returned to "search"If you want to search for specific documents, pictures, movies, files php, etc ... stored data. Whereas the service index both files and also content of the documents, It sometimes happens that one of these three processes consume a lot of capacity processor (High CPU). Many users complains of this problem, and often put that to viruses that would have affected this process. Actually SearchFilterHost.exe consume a lot of CPU when transferring from once a large amount of files from an external device (external hdd, CD, DVD, Flash DriveEtc. data support) on your hard drive the PC.

To solve the problem of CPU, you have three options. Her pause these processes (Pause), To leave the PC within minutes or hours (if required) to complete the indexed files, or give disable (disable) Indexing Services for files . Xml.

How can we solve the problem SearchFilterHost.exe to not consume CPU resources.

1. Start Menu and go box "Search programs and files"Write indexing. See where option Indexing Option and click on it.

start indexing option

2. Panel opens "Indexing Option", where you have free choice two ways to save CPU this service.

indexing control option

You can click the button "Pause"(And you have to wait a few minutes to take this order), or you can click the button"Advanced"-> Tab"File Types"And uncheck the box next to XML. Click on the image below:

xml disable

Click OK and everything will return to normal.

The best solution would be to allow the service to make the head, even if it kills the CPU. After it finishes indexing, this process consumes a tiny few resources. Solution to disable xml file would be the last recommended. If you work at PC and Indexing Services will use this resource, you should pause them until you finish the job. In summer, if the room temperature is higher and cooler to cool the CPU can not handle, can cause Indexing Services restart system (with thermal protection CPU by BIOS).
Problems SearchFilterHost.exe are typical operating systems Windows Vista si Windows 7.

SearchFilterHost.exe - High CPU [Disable / Error Fix]

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