SearchIndexer.exe (Windows Desktop Search)

SearchIndexer.exe is a process where Microsoft which is part of the Desktop SearchIntegrated into operating systems Windows Vista si Windows 7. This process is considered secure software and most likely was installed on your system before purchasing it (if preinstalled systems) or was installed with your software suite Microsoft Office.

Location legitimate SearchIndexer.exe process folder C: \ WINDOWS \System32. If you find this process in another location than the one mentioned above, we recommend performing a thorough system scansUsing a updated antivirus to date. Also, scan your system and if you discover SearchIndexer.exe running multiple instances simultaneously (it is known that viruses, trojanii, spyware and other malware have the habit to borrow the name legitimate processes and place them in different locations in the system, thus trying to fool unsuspecting users).

SearchIndexer.exe is an essential process for system, therefore, if you do not use the Microsoft program Desktop Search (sometimes this pope a lot CPU, Slowing the reaction speed of the system) recommend uninstalling it from control Panel (Indexing Options).

SearchIndexer.exe (Windows Desktop Search)

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