Secret Disk or how you can keep files private - private!

Let's say that PC and your own personal is not of your own - and personally - but as we more divided (sharing settings...) With a still-2 3 ... or even 20-30 (catastrophic, I might add). Or, another slightly more acceptable option is yours, literally and personally, but from time to time organized (intentionally or not) a open sharing with those in the situation that I mentioned a little higher.

Returning to store trying on that PC, and data files among many available for those who have a relationship of "friendship" with him constantly, and some personal files, secret (Or so you wish) for your eyes only. And to his brother and to her mother, and aunt to, and to neighbor ... that if:

  1. you have no idea how to hide some files on your own PC (or theirs: D)
  2. know how to hide files, and spies mentioned (and others) know how to look

One thing more advanced methods (and safe) would be the one that I wrote . Another is to write about it today. This method is actually a application, named Secret DiskApplication that helps you create a partition where you can keep secrets safe, password, inaccessible, invisible.

How to use Secret Disk:

  • After you install the application, click on it and set a password
  • to create partition X: (If you already have partition X: HDD, Secret Disk partition will replace it as long as the application is open), prying eyes hidden partition


  • partition X: you will be able to access each time opening the application first Secret Disk and unlocking it using the password you set
dashboards unlock lock
  • Also, you can delete this partition whenever you want bya simple password reset


Secret Disk is compatible with any type of files partition and format it as you can use use My Documents or any other folder on your hard disk.

Attention! Do not use if you want to hide your Secret Disk files that require strict security and illegal files (: D). They will be locked under password and any password can find!

Secret Disk or how you can keep files private - private!

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