Who knows, SEO(Search Engine Optimization) is the sum of processes that are applied to a web page so that the site content to be more relevant to search engines ( , , , ). Displaying a site in the list generated by the search engines for specific searches, defining profile site in question, depends on these processes.

How STRUCTURE should be a website to get around 300 daily visitors from search engines? I'll tell you.

  1. Not contain more than one page
  2. Be with some diced green around the edges
  3. CopyBold matching cubes
  4. To be more dynamic. ( To search for a work by a particular keyword using the FIND feature (CTRL + F).
  5. . Gif with eyes red (I think that's the real secret to SEO)
  6. "Secure" to see the source and not copy the text. (If you open the site with do not put the account that has protection)
  7. Hosted on

I'm not kidding! Site that led me to write the post is online at the here And statistics as show an average of 300 visitors / day from search engines. View si .

The site looks super picky but if you look closer and you know the source of SEOauthor's's really professional and has a well-defined target.


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