Customer service ROTLD aka the RNC, called ICI.

By entering the subject, to actually explain what those initial reprezita the job title.

RNC - National Computer Network

ROTLD - Romania Top Level Domain

HERE - (Now I see that they have put more names ...) NATIONAL INSTITUTE OF RESEARCH AND DEVELOPMENT IN INFORMATICS (... now it was just time, "Informatics Research Institute" ... they think they need and little development)

Under all these names, works practically the only institution which, among other concerns, has managed and domain names . Ro, Which I shun away and I still ... for the simple reason that there are working only "professionals" who think fathers of the Internet. Superiority complex stench of asshole frozen in a chair that will not leave the place understand that the Institute of younger people and a lot less stressful than her. In the following you will see a "recording" of a friend, who called the Customer ROTLDTo clarify a matter of a domain. Ro:


Call Customer RTLD - 21.07.2008 time: 12.27 - 12.28
: Friday 18.07.2008 was paid to closing the bank and clear the area after the work program ROTLD.
Monday 21.07.2008 recorded but it appears to show details "prohibited blah blah ..." I wanted to know if it is necessary to carry out the transaction by mail or fax or as ambiguous situation.

Customer Lady - referred to as DRC

    DRC - RTLD Here!
    Eu - Hello, my name is Lucian Botez.Am make a payment after that time a field of 5 days when I was forced to perform and wanted to know ...
    DRC - Sir you did confirm? (In a very high)
    Eu - Not because ... (and here I wanted to explain why I did not try to get confirmed by the fact the real problem, and when I cut it)
    DRC - Well sir confirm the fax! (On an already aggressive tone)
    Eu - But I fax you give me an email address as a scan ....
    DRC - Did you read what is written there? Send confirmation! (Hysterical)
    Eu - Mrs. I understand that you have problems at home, but now you are at work and please leave them at the door and will manifest itself
    DRC - I, you know who you talking about?
    Eu - No, because you have not presented but I called customer service and I am the customer must give me a minimum of respect and kindness (I already irritated)
    DRC - Read and send confirmation you read what's written there (already screaming)

I was forced to resign and I thank him, wished him a good day, otherwise I had no patience and show him everything I learned in Dristor in terms of boor ...

The issue of what is above, you are part of a public conversation, between me and support from (USA), which deals with domain name registration, that's ROTLD.

We encountered an error while registering a. Com, and I contacted support (customer support)

Support: Hello, how can I help you?
Me: hello
Me: i have a one problem
Me: Banned domains removed from cart
Please note that the Following domain (s) were removed from your shopping cart as They are banned.,
Support: hello
Me: i want to record this domain name
Support: What is your username please?
I: What Happens?
Me: *** username
Support: Please hold on
Me: ok. thanks
Support: Would you like me to try and register These domains for you manually?
Me: sure
Support: I will need your password for That .. And please make sure you have enough funds in your account
Me: ok. Passwd ****** is my forum username: username ***
Me: i have $ *** on account
Support: ok. The domain name in question is, right?
Me: yes.
Support: ok, please hold on A Few Minutes
I: ok

5 .. and in minutes I had registered my name field without headaches.

Services in Romania ... which left me speechless many times and that led me to buy your domains and hosting from U.S.. I'll return to point 3. of . @ Vodafone, the third abatare.

Customer service ROTLD aka the RNC, called ICI.

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