Set the CPU priority processes (via Task Manager Set Priority)

Operating System WindowsAllows the setting of priorities CPU response la running on the system (present in Windows Task Manager). So if a process (firefox.exeFor example) has set priority "Hight"And iexplorer.exe is set priority Level "Normal"Response time to CPU for firefox.exe will be much lower compared to that of iexplorer.exe and other lower priority processes.

How to set process priorities (Set Priority).

1. open Windows Task ManagerCtrl+Shift+ Esc

2. In the tab "Processes"Select process which want to change the priority, then we right click the process. In the menu that opens go on "Set Priority"And choose the priority the desired selected.
In Windows 7 we have six levels of priority: low, Below Normal, Normal (Default), Above Normal, Hight & Realtime.

Windows Task Manager

3. Then click on the priority, a box will appear with a message:

change priority

Click: Change priority.

Be aware that the priority set in Task Manager processes do not remain so forever. After reboot, Will return the value priorities: Normal (Default value for processes).

Windows Task ManagerPriority Processes - Windows XP, Windows View & Windows 7

Set the CPU priority processes (via Task Manager Set Priority)

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