Setup Bluetooth Connection on BlackBerry Desktop Manager - Turn on Bluetooth Support

Many owners encounter problems connection the device by Bluetooth cu PCSite / notebookSite, via BlackBerry Desktop Manager.
BlackBerry Desktop Manager offers two ways connected / timing smartphone to your computer. The fastest connection for data transfer and timing (Synchronize BlackBerry) Is the USB cableBut convenient method to synchronize Calendar, Tasks, MemoPad & address BookIs via Bluetooth.
The most common is the lack of availability of Connection Bluetooth between BlackBerry Desktop Manager and laptop / PC, even if they are installed in all drivers Bluetooth connectivity (Bluetooth Monitor / Bluetooth File Transfer).

no bluetooth connection

If you enlarge the image above, you will notice that it is impossible to turn on the Bluetooth connection in the BlackBerry Desktop Manager. The box next to the option Turn on Bluetooth support is unavailable.

In our case it is a device BlackBerry Curve 8320 and a notebook Toshiba Satellite A300 1QE (PSAGCE) / OS Microsoft Windows 7. I'll give indications for these devices, but also on other models of devices is similar resolve.

How to setup / activate Bluetooth Support in BlackBerry Desktop Manager.

Suppose you already have BlackBerry installed Desktop Manager :-)

1. Install the driver Microsoft Windows Bluetooth Stack & Turn On Bluetooth Adapter.
MS Bluetooth is a common driver helps you connect and other mobile / smart phone's PC / laptop. (Eg Nokia via the Nokia PC Suite)

2. Uninstall Bluetooth Stack by Toshiba PC! It is very important that both the software and drivers included in BT-Stack not to be installed on PC / laptop. This is the main cause that prevents the Bluetooth connection in the BlackBerry from starting Desktop Manager.

3. Download in English & install : WIDCOMM Bluetooth Drivers (compatibility Windows Sight yes Windows 7). BROADCOM Bluetooth driver is compatible on most PC / laptops.


Download Broadcom : WIDCOMM Bluetooth Drivers

Unzip & Run setup.exe from the archives (AS35-b + g Wireless Lan (Broadcom). Zip) Above. After installation you must provide a restart.

4. Activate and configure Bluetooth devices.

Turn Bluetooth ON: Manage Connections .

Bluetooth on

Bluetooth Options : Discoverable : YES.

Bluetooth options

Paired Bluetooth Devices:

Create the connection between your laptop and your BlackBerry device. No need to start BlackBerry Desktop Manager. The connection (paired) must be made through Bluetooth Monitor (Installed 1 point.)

paired devices

5. Open BlackBerry Desktop Manager and go to Options -> Connection Options.

Turn on Bluetooth support & Configure Bluetooth.

Connected Bluetooth PIN

OK. The Bluetooth connection between the BlackBerry Device and the BlackBerry has been established Desktop Manager. Now you can use Synchronize BlackBerry for Calendar, Tasks, MemoPad & address Book.

This connection be feasible in the future, give up the Bluetooth Stack by Toshiba or Bluetooth software for PC / laptop you We tested the laptop-hate Toshiba A300 Satellite / Toshiba Satellite A200 and smartphones BlackBerry Curve 8320 & BlackBerry Pearl 8120.
Prop operating systems: Microsoft Windows 7
BlackBerry OS: v.
BlackBerry Desktop Manager v 5.0.

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How to setup / activate Bluetooth Support in BlackBerry Desktop Manager
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Setup Bluetooth Connection on BlackBerry Desktop Manager - Turn on Bluetooth Support

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