Useful Shortcuts for Firefox users

Most users Firefox are already familiar with at least 2-3 key combinations (shortcuts) Used to simplify the use of Internet browser. The best known such shortcuts are:

  • CTRL + T (New tab)
  • CTRL + N (New window)
  • F5 (Refresh)

But Firefox has an entire site Army of shortcuts, some lesser known, but very useful for those who want a web browsing more efficiency. Below lists key combinations known and used by us (encourage completing this list: P)

  • CTRL + ENTER - Add www. com a word (or combination of words) written in adressbar
  • CTRL + SHIFT + ENTER - Add www. org in adressbar
  • SHIFT + ENTER - Add www. net in adressbar
  • CTRL + L - Move the cursor in addressbar
  • CTRL + K - Move the cursor in the searchbox
  • CTRL + W - Close current tab
  • CTRL + SHIFT + T - Reopen last closed tab
  • CTRL + F - Search the current page (find on page)
  • CTRL + + / - - Increase or decrease font size
  • CTRL + TAB - Browsing from a tab to another
  • CTRL + D - Bookmark this page (bookmark)

Note: List remains open ...

Useful Shortcuts for Firefox users

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