The only solution to break a password for Yahoo! Messenger. :))

I see you are looking in devils "programs to crack passwords messenger"Although to this day no one has managed to create such a program (and do not want to show this!). I explained many, many posts and comments here and on, That such a thing exists ... no passwords cracked software, nor any method. No results. I post stuff like ""They say quite clearly that such a thing does not exist and even if there would be a treasure for mankind (so we buried That program!) And they .. require IDs and passwords to break passwords methods.
I would suggest to, Make a filter "Program * broken * password *" Search for these words .... who was being sent to sites "EDU" or ... Mars :).
For that really want to try, there is still a way to crack the password of Yahoo. It is a disposable method.

Hacked password method Yahoo! . : Try to hit the monitor with the hammer, in the box where the password is inserted… it can break it.

* I guarantee that after cracking the password, account or Yahoo! Y! M will be visible. No. .. on that monitor ... at least ...

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The only solution to break a password for Yahoo! Messenger. :))

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