Sorry, Something Went Wrong - Facebook / Messenger Down

It happens sometimes when you try to access Facebook account, News Feed or even Facebook Messenger, get the error: Sorry, Something Went Wrong.

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Many users are confused by it error and this Facebook messageThinking that they Facebook accounts blocked or someone has intentionally restricted access to Facebook. In reality it is an internal issue of Facebook. Either do UpdateMajor CEs and Facebook page or profile They are inaccessible or is a matter of servers. In some cases the error "Sorry, Something Went Wrong"Does not occur in everyone. The error message occurs only in certain accountsAnd in this case we can assume that it is a problem on some servers of Facebook.

So you have nothing to worry about "Sorry, Something Went Wrong". It's just something temporary that will work out. It does not matter connection to your Internet, internet browserthe one you use (Firefox, Safari, Edge, Internet Explorer, Chrome, etc.) and no Your Facebook profile.

Sorry, Something Went Wrong - Facebook / Messenger Down

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