Speed ​​Up XP: "Cleaning out" StartUp

If you have a habit install each application or soft that you heard from your sister's friend's boyfriend or your girlfriend's brother's friend (they accept and combinations of two by two), then do not be surprised if PCYour move came as an ancient mill which knives are stuck between a few grains (not my imagination never missed). That's because most applications they install each a "clerk" in System Startup, Thereby decreasing boot speed system (directly proportional to no. respective officials : P).

To convince computer supplied to move more skillfully, we recommend selecting from the pile of applications tested only those you need and, especially, to make a general cleaning (at least once every two months) Startup.

To select which programs to run and not in Startup, select Run from Start Menu and type msconfig then let Enter.


In Startup tab Uncheck all processes consider it more (default is checked all).


Apply, OK and then restart to help the system to record changes.


After reboot you will notice that your system boot speed will be much greater than before "cleaning".

Speed ​​Up XP: "Cleaning out" StartUp

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