Spoolsv.exe (Spooler SubSystem App /Windows Print Spooler Service)

Spoolsv.exe is an integrated process Microsoft operating systems Windows. This process is responsible for how management of printers and / or faxes (And other terminal) By the system (transfer information in spoolsv.exe buffer; if the information is printed, the printer will get that information from buffer).

The location is the folder legitimate process spoolsv.exe C: \Windows\System32. Any location thereof is illegitimate and indicate that you are dealing with a malware such as viruses, trojanii and so on The latter tend to "borrow" the name of system processes to mislead the user.

Do not delete spoolsv.exe because this is part of Microsoft Windows. But if the process consumes too many resources may be terminated Task Manager. If you have doubts about this process we recommend perform a thorough scan with a antivirus updated daily.

Spoolsv.exe is recorded as malware (backdoor vulnerability) Installed for fraudulent purposes, it allows access to the system (passwords, Internet banking, private information / personal) from other locations (remote control).

Careful! if you notice multiple instances spoolsv.exe running in your system you may have infected! To ensure that it is not malicious processes, perform a full system scan.

Spoolsv.exe (Spooler SubSystem App /Windows Print Spooler Service)

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