Windows Start Menu 8 with StartIsBack

If you're among users Windows 8 who are not big fans of Start Screen's, And you want to use the classic can Start Menu in the new operating systemFortunately for you there are plenty third-party applications which will allow, among them Start8 or Classic Shell. StartIsBack is also such an application, the 8 brings back Windows Start menu in Windows 7, Bundled with a range of Feature Links si customization options for it.

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How does StartIsBack?

After installation, users can choose visual style al Start menuIncluding level transparency thereof, and Start Orb site (Can be selected from the Start button included in the application, or can be added custom buttons).


In addition, the application offers users and options such as display Desktop immediately after logging, the ability to change behavior Windows keydisabling hot-corners and so on (almost anything new feature al Windows 8 It can be reconfigured with StartIsBack).


Download for Windows 8 StartIsBack.

StartIsBack It is available to users in trial version (30 days), it can be upgraded to the full version for only 3$ (License 2 computers), Or 5$ (License 5 computers).

STEALTH SETTINGS - Start Menu for Windows 8 with StartIsBack

Windows Start Menu 8 with StartIsBack

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