Wipe tile defects of modern application sites after upgrade to Windows 8.1

2 weeks ago microsoft has launched Windows 8.1It is made available free (in the form of Update) All users Windows 8 track Windows Store. Some of the users who made upgrade to Windows 8.1 via Windows Store complained after Install new operating system as Start Screen or App List are displayed shortcuts "death" by modern applications that users were used in Windows 8Before the upgrade (if you click on any of these shortcuts faulty error message is displayed This app can not open).


If you are one of the users and who have encountered this problem after upgrade to Windows 8.1Most likely use antivirus Avast for security system (It seems that the problem is caused by interference antivirus with the reset / cleaning of applications and the update the shortcut icons during upgrading system). Unfortunately the solution is not very simple. If you click on the link Go to store displayed in the error message, users are greeted by another error message:


And if you right click on any of defects shortcuts, Does not show any option Removal / Uninstall its (the only options available are the Pin to Start si Customize).


So how can we remove defects shortcuts modern applications after upgrade to Windows 8.1?

The only way that this problem can be solved (at least temporarily, given that disable antivirus gave no results) Is:

  • Go to C: \ Users \ user-name \ AppData \ Local \ Microsoft \ Windows \ applicationshortcuts (where C: \ is the partition where the system is installed and user-name is your user name)
  • identified defects shortcuts entering the bar Search displayed in the upper-right Explorer keywords thereof (for example to ensure, chamber, Microsoft, bing etc.).
  • then delete shortcut displayed as a blank tile (Before you have to pay permissions order to remove those shortcuts)

app-folder shortcuts

  • also location can sort subfolders by date, The oldest of which contains problematic shortcuts (It is recommended to delete the row acestra to ensure that you do not delete shortcut links available)


Note: It is possible that the above method may not work for all Windows users 8.1 that are experiencing this problem! For more information please here.

STEALTH SETTINGS - Delete App Modern tiles broken after upgrading to Windows 8.1

Wipe tile defects of modern application sites after upgrade to Windows 8.1

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