Sensational news: giraffe tranche freezer

Stealth: Hm. My giraffe ... what?
Stealth: Gave him food?
Stealth: You took care of it?
Stealth: Plm
Eu: I do not even know where it is
Eu: Yes "did not complain of hunger: P
Stealth: I was sure
Stealth: Well ... dead, what to cry: ((
Eu: Died?
Stealth: Normal
Eu: Are you sure? you can not
Stealth: If you have not fed
Stealth: Eating giraffe clear ...: ((
Eu: No ... it's in the freezer
Stealth: You chopped it and put-on freezer
Stealth: Exactly

Sensational news: giraffe tranche freezer

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