How-To Subscribe to RSS Feed Safari / Mac OS X El Capitan & Yosemite

RSS is the best solution to receive a single place actualizatrile and updates from multiple websites. we have news sites They are interested in sites that provide us periodically news from IT, personal care, health, science or any other domain. To keep up with the latest articles published on these sites, we have several variants. One option would be to access web pages every day using a bookmark. It's not a good idea to open a few dozen favorite sites and search for the latest articles on them. Another variant, offered by most portals, is subscribe to E-mail. Newsletter. It is a simple, convenient, but it risks fill our mailbox with spam messages. In addition, it is possible that not all articles published recently dispatched by e-mail.
The "clean" and safe method is subscription via RSS la flow of updates. Most websites offer users the ability to subscribe to the news feed via the RSS Feed.

Just like the sign / icon that draws visitors' attention that the site allows for RSS feeds.

RSS Feed - Google Images

RSS Feed - Google Images

users Windows and Mac OS X have at their disposal more programs / applications of type RSS Reader, Which allow connection to a stream of recent news articles and view the stream.
On Mac OS X, most use third parties RSS Reader applicationsSuch as: Leaf - RSS News Reader, NewsSonar, Master RSSEtc. apicatii kind. There is also a solution to subscribe to an RSS news feeds without having to install any applications. Safari - default browser installed on OS X - allows to subscribe to news feeds and view them directly in the interface.

How to use RSS Reader Safari on OS X Yosemite and El Capitan

First you need to open Safari sidebar (click on the icon "show sidebar'), Then click on the icon "@"To reach the" Shared Links "and" Subscriptions ".


In the bottom of the sidebar's do click on "Subscriptions"Then on the"+ Add Feed"And in the dialog box that opens name web site, click on the button add Feed.

add feed

After this step, the sidebar under "Feeds" will appear on behalf web site which you have subscribed. Click on the button "Done"Safari in the bottom of the sidebar. Now, you open the sidebar, or appear to "Subscriptions" most recent articles published on sites you've added to feed.

Screen Shot at 2016 04-04-14.58.25

It's a pretty simple and practical method that lets us install a third-party RSS Reader on OS X. I did not say this is the best option for a user who wants to feed dozens of web addresses. The RSS reader in Safari does not allow the addition of articles in a "Favorites" category dedicated to the news stream or sorting them across multiple categories.

How-To Subscribe to RSS Feed Safari / Mac OS X El Capitan & Yosemite

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