SVCHOST.EXE - What is it and what does this process.

svchost.exeCan be considered the father of all the processes Windows XPWindows Vista and Windows 7. If I open Task ManagerIn dedicated processes tab (Processes), You will notice that svchost.exe is currently multiple instances which running simultaneously. Most users who see many svchost.exe processes, they think Virus, trojans chetii other kind.


Svchost.exe process description.

svchost.exe is the first service that launch at startup OS. Is responsible for checking vital registry (Windows registry) To create a list and group services (REG_MULTI_SZ) That must be loaded si launched svchost.exe simultaneously. The first services are loaded svchost.exe service sound drivers, video, network, etc gender: Audiosrv, Dhcp, eventlog, HomeGroupProvider, lmhosts, wscsvc, AudioEndpointBuilder, CscService, Netman, PcaSvc, SysMain, TabletInputService, TrkWks, UxSms, Wlansvc, Wudfsvc, Appinfo, Browser, EapHost, gpsvc, Iphlpsvc, LanmanServer, ProfSvc, RasMan, Schedule, MEANING, ShellHWDetection, Themes, Winmgmt, wuauserv,
EventSystem, fdPHost, Netprofm, nand, SstpSvc, WdiServiceHost.
Svchost.exe groups are located in the registry:


svchost.exe registry key

svchost.exe, often launching services that are not useful. For each service separately consume system resources, RAM & CPU, Advanced users seeking to stop the automatic execution of these services. (I'll come back with a tutorial about optimizing Windows XP services, Vista and Windows 7). Service groups using svchost.exe processes can be seen best in Command Prompt.
Go to the Start Menu -> Run -> type "cmd"And press Enter. After you open the Command Prompt window, type: Tasklist / SVC and press enter.

svchost tasklist
svchost.exe, a process everywhere, is most present in error message and is the game of Virus, Trojans si spyware, Svchost.exe representing an ideal screen for less desirable services and applications.
To keep your computer protected and prevent viruses into the file (present in% SystemRoot% folder System32), you should use anti-virus application, anti-spyware. Daily updates viruslui and anti-periodic scanning the file system, you can protect online threats.

SVCHOST.EXE - What is it and what does this process.

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