SWiSHmax v2003.09.03 Windows Vista Home Premium.

Many complains that SWiSHmax Software, old version (do not know anything new) is not running on Windows Vista Home Premium.
The software should run without problems on Windows Vista if security would be more gentle, especially for the executables that run operating system partition (C: by default). Launching of executable SWiSHmax are hampered by "Run as Administrator"Come here and export errors SWF.
The simplest solution: Installing software on a different partition than the system :)).

tested Windows Vista Home Premium After I cursed some good days I had to make shifts from laptop to desktop (where I have XP) :)

Not to leave you in a fog with questions like "what is SWiSHmax ... my chickens?" ... I call on :)

SWiSHmax v2003.09.03 Windows Vista Home Premium.

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