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I see a headline on a news site that I cause acute smiles, and not because of mistake editor who chose to change its name Symantec in Symantec . :) (Probably like the sound Symantec ... teccc .. tecc .. teak. ;-)), But because the article itself.

"LOOKING Symantec perfect solution against viruses"

Symantec said it wants to create programs capable of classifying risks posed to computer users on the levels set clear distinction between viruses with high, medium and low. In this regard, the company will develop a system that can detect intruders on time ...

Okay! Symantec = Norton AntiVirus (NAV) . Now just wonder how Symantec "looking perfect solution" and began to make "10 tops of the high risks that may affect the volume of files informtie" when NAV was and is a total failure and even can not be considered a virus. After a year I successfully managed to block two PCs after installing Norton AV 2005 (with license!). Scanning speed of file is very small compared with the speed of file download from the net income plus it forces causing unnecessary CPU operating system crashes. Successfully fail any test online antivirus. Updates to NAV are many and unnecessary. So ... no question antivirus if Symantec hear. Maybe firewall? No so. Firewall that I use and still use Sygate, Which unfortunately, recently was Symantec bought and closed !. Why? For free Sygate firewall offered a thousand times better than that offered by Symantec fee? Symantec develops like that? :)

Download - Sygate Firewall Pro 5.6.3408.0 8.00MB (. Rare)

Symantec / Virus Free

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