System shuts Down back from Sleep When [Windows 7 Error]

A few days ago I made a few changes to energy plan (Power Plan) Supplied laptop (due groundedObviously, that now I no longer remember), and today I woke up in arms with huge Windows error 7 I tried to remove the system from Sleep (I say that habit to keep your laptop on battery only, which inevitably leads to keep it in a permanent state of exhaustion - critical battery), Namely PC has stolen a Shut Down splendid after the first signs of recovery.

fainted_laptopInitially I thought I held your finger on the button Start more than needed, but history repeated itself and the second time, in the same state of sleepiness (With the battery still in critical condition) I opened the laptop and flip it blinked for about 2 times puzzled me, then passed again (even before the couple adaptoruit to the laptop). After several rounds of & Such dismay I discovered that my laptop is good health and that we are dealing with a Windows bug 7, Result of modifications made to Power Plan (The problem occurs only when the battery is running low - that is in critical condition). Solution is simple and requires change registry (I recommend making a backup system before applying these):

  • open registry Editor (Run-> regedit-> enter) and follow the path HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE \ SYSTEM \ CurrentControlSet \ Control \ Session Manager \ Power. In the right pane search entry SystemPowerPolicy (Binary) and remove it (right click->Delete).


Then give a restart for changes made to take effect.

Please note: The error does not occur if used to Keep the adapter connected to laptop or, if you just use the adapter when the battery falls below 25% if Avoid plans to play with energy while the battery is charging.

System shuts Down back from Sleep When [Windows 7 Error]

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