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Somewhere, in some statistics shows that over 97% from emailMessages sent in 2007 Are classified as SPAM. Romania occupies a leading position in this calasament and normal. Country booming IT industry and online sales. Country where the vast majority seek to get rich overnight, without making the slightest physical investment or financial. To put his mind to work would be too much… Any stallion prefers to sell and present their products and services in a more comfortable way. From the keyboard. Whether it's sales vaults , Luxury mummies or SUVsAll are available online . (Eg YOURWEEKEND.RO).

For a firm open a online activity , I think the best way to make your services known is to invest in advertising. That's after it's established targetand there is a cohesive website, optimized (including SEO) and able to make a good image of the company / company that owns it. As far as I know, in Romania, there are two large online advertising relays and one Google AdWords running well.
Yep. I know. Too expensive and too expensive this method of promotion. It's much easier to send a few emails K in which to present your beauty services and / or to leave comments on blogs, fixed *ampul Just to hook a visitor plus a backlink in Google Search .

The best example of "promotion" online. Alternative method to spam e-mail. Comment on the blog.


Are you tired of pen and calendar year-end?

We propose a better gift especially for partners, employees and friends ... or even for you.

A custom giftbox for him and her:

1. Are you bored doing simple things? Monotony irritates you? Accept our challenge with giftbox ADVENTURE! 20 the destinations of your choice in one package. Contains a gift voucher valid for one year, you can choose any time, any service and any location. Here are just some of the services in the package: ATV in Brasov, Bucharest Laser game, Paraglider in Cluj, Sighisoara Riding, Paintball in Prahova or Sibiu, Constanta Pilot plane ...

2. You want to spend some time with you? Give yourself a moment of relaxation and beauty with giftbox RELAXATION! 15 destinations of your choice in one package including: Cluj Shirodhara Massage, Massage with hot stones in Tg Mures, Packaged chocolate in Pitesti, reflexology, facials Bucharest embrace grapes and Bath in Targu Mures, Dermalife Spa Oceana in Constanta , chromotherapy pools in Cluj.

For more information, I have attached the presentation of the company and our products. You can always order these packages at a cost of £ 149,9. Pleasant surprise to your team and give them a year-end gift ingenious!

Do not keep the secret to yourself, your friends may be interested! Tell them!

* As private information, we find in Auchan hypermarkets across Romania since 1 December. Or website www.yourweekend.ro. If you want to make a gift, you should hurry, stock is limited for December.


Did the GiftBox stall open its stall online? yourweekend.ro <spamer

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