Taskbar, Start Menu & Context Transparent Menu [XP, Vista & Windows 7]

If you are fans of the look of the transparent and no longer satisfied with a interface Aero usual, these applications will help you add another little transparency WindowsYour acquis

1. Taskbar and transparent Start Menu

If you are using XP and you want some transparency (Literally) or run Vista or Windows 7 but poor graphics will not allow use Aero, TransTaskbar :) is saving application. All you have to do is to download and double click on it to transform classical look of OS's in one transparent.

ttb_1 ttb_2


2. Context Menu transparent

context Menu represents the menu displayed when we right-click on a file, icon or desktopand TCM (TransConMenu) Is the application (portable - does not require installation) that gives transparency (adjustable - left click on the icon in System Tray) Thereof.

tcm_1 tcm_2


Enjoy! ;)

Solo-Dev Credits (deviantart.com)

Taskbar, Start Menu & Context Transparent Menu [XP, Vista & Windows 7]

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