Taskhost.exe (Generic Host Process)

Taskhost.exe (Host Process for Windows Tasks) Is an integrated process Microsoft the operating system Windows 7. The role of this process is to process DLL host area provideAlso ensuring correct operation of applications based on these processes. At every system startup, it checks registry services section and create a list DLL processes requiring on.

Taskhost.exe is a necessary process for the operation of your system and is not recommended to disable it or (especially) delete. More court of this process can run at the same time, depending on how many applications based DLLs are started simultaneously. If you have any doubt about taskhost.exe, first check its location (only legitimize the C: \Windows\System32 \ Taskhost.exe, Any other location discovered require detailed checking, it is probably malware) and then perform a full system scan.

Careful! If you encounter errors of the taskhost.exe process, these are rather generated by the DLLs hosted by this process than by the process itself. Taskhost.exe is an integrated part of Windows 7 OS, system launched on the market two days ago, after more than a year was in tests (version Beta).

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