taskmgr.exe, taskmgr32.exe & taskmngr.exe (Legitimate Process vs Malware)

1. taskmgr.exe is a process system integrated Microsoft operating systems WindowsKnown as the Windows Task Manager (Taskmgr.exe therefore appears as active process every time you open Task Manager).


taskmgr.exe is vital process for correct operation of your system because the Task Manager you can restart certain processes system (locked or not working properly, slowing the response time of the system); saddle finish processes which remain "hanging" after closing some applications or processes such as illegitimate viruses or other malware trojanii. Also in Task Manager can monitor how many resources each application consumes (RAM si CPU) Or how many resources are consumed in total, which are processes that need to run processes that are "intrusive", how many users are active (logged on the system) and which services are used by active applications.

Windows Task Manager […] provides detailed information on computer performance and running applications, processes and CPU usage, commit load and memory information, network activity and statistics, logged-in users, and system services. (Wikipedia)

Malware with as viruses, trojanii, spyware etc., often borrow names of legitimate system processes (or use names similar thereof), trying to fool users and confuse them. Appropriate and taskmgr.exe process, two of "clones" of its illegitimate law is described in the following points.

2. taskmngr.exe is a illegitimate process, maliciousAssociated in most cases with a virus called Rbot Worm"Available" www in several variants (Rbot.si, Rbot.dt, Rbot.ghj, Robot.ge, Rbot.af and so on). This virus is able to multiply and place their copies in different folders in the system, thus making it difficult to detect and remove. Rbot through remote access to infected systems to third party users (Giving full control them) and spreads via e-mail or via IM networks. The virus can be completely removed from the system using some type applications Worm Removal or Formatting & Resettlement.

3. taskmgr32.exe is also an illegitimate process, usually associated with a virus worms, called Net Worm.Win32.Mytob.t. This spreads via e-mail (has own integrated SMTP engine with which connects directly to the destination server) or IM networks and create malicious files that we place in various locations in the system. Worm's blocks access to certain sites such as microsoft.com or kaspersky.com (Especially security sites) make changes to registry order to run the process after each system restart and through remote access to infected systems (for this It is programmed to connect to the IRC server). To clean a system infected with Net-Worm.Win32.Mytob.t use antiviral software or formatting and reinstalling the system.

taskmgr.exe, taskmgr32.exe & taskmngr.exe (Legitimate Process vs Malware)

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