Team website "Yahoo! Messenger for Vista" throw a candy ...

For thousands of users ... OS Windows Vista , Waiting device even if it is a variant beta, Yahoo! Messenger for Windows Vista.
Matrix Mode Is the last candy "feature hidden"The Y! M Vista Preview . Nothing good and nothing fun. It's a "feature" that gather more wind sites active conversations in a single window. Fuck trouble, because if you're not careful that is active, you risk sending unwanted messages to destinatatii.


I think that the team dealing with development Yahoo! Messenger Vista, Could get something more useful, covering shortages options from Y! M Vista, but this . For example, do something with archives conversationsThat Y! M Vista can not be saved, Or add webcam option ,voice, etc. Y! M 8.1 , Or ... or ... has . :/

Anyway ... for those who use Windows Vista and have installed Yahoo! Messenger Vista, Matrix Mode is activated by pressing: Ctrl + Alt + Shift + b

 Good night! :-)

PS. Articles about Yahoo! Messenger (Including Vista) and Windows Live Messenger found on It is currently poor little posts, but promises to grow :)

Team website "Yahoo! Messenger for Vista" throw a candy ...

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