Test RAM on Windows 10 [Windows 10 Tools]

When we suspicions that the computer memory or laptopacquis does not work properly, it is best to try and make a RAM test before leaving for a PC service.

There are many applications providing an opportunity Testing RAM, and among the most popular ones would be MemTest86. However we do not recommend use applications for tests error correction si Diagnostic, before trying with the tools provided by Microsoft in all versions Windows 10.

Windows Memory Diagnostic can be found on all versions from Windows XP still does not require an advanced level of user knowledge.

How do we check for RAM errors on Windows 10Using Windows Memory Diagnostic Tool

All you have to do is give a click on the "Start"And type"diagnostic memory"And the result list will appear Windows Memory Diagnostic.

In the box that opens, you have two options Diagnostic RAM:

1. Restart immediately and check for possible memory problems.

2. Further work and will test the next time the computer.

After completing the memory test, in Windows a detailed report will appear in which the errors are presented (if any).

Test RAM on Windows 10 [Windows 10 Tools]

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