The color scheme has been changed to Windows Basic View

"The color scheme has Been changed to Basic " is a message that will open your instinteaza the software is incompatible with visual Windows Aero. More specifically, Windowschanged automatically color scheme Windows Aero in Windows Vista Basic. Another cause that can lead to this change is the memory (RAM) failure or lack of video card able to supplement memory. After the application that triggered this change is closed, Windows it will automatically return to the Vista Aero color scheme.

Message: The color scheme has been changed to Windows Basic View. The running program is not compatible with certain visual elements of Windows. appears in a window "info" on the right side "taskbar"

Change color scheme

If using large applications that require more memory, automatic switching from Vista Aero to Vista Basic is an advantage. It is known that the Aero style consumes more RAM than Vista Basic.

In my situation, automatic change of style is welcome. When I opened Macromedia Fireworks This shift from Aero to Basic was done automatically, but when I open other large applications like Adobe Photoshop CS3, Keep styleVista's Aero. For a laptop with 2GB without video card RAM, Vista Aero & Photoshop CS3 plus other applications open at once, is a burden. A solution save memory would be conditional Windows, as when the Photoshop CS3 application is launched, it will automatically change its style to Vista Basic. How can we do this?

How can we determine an application to change the style Windows Aerial view in Windows Vista Basic at launch?

Step 1. Go to the folder where the application is installed and look for the executable. If Adobe Photoshop CS3 in C: Program FilesAdobeAdobe Photoshop CS3 find Photoshop.exe. Photoshop.exe Right click and from the menu that opens select "Properties".

Step 2. Box "Photoshop.exe Properties", click on the tab "Comatibility". From the menu "Settings"Check the box next to"Disable desktop composing". Apply & OK.

Disable Vista Aero for Adobe Photoshop CS3

When Adobe Photosop launches, Windows it will automatically switch from Vista Aero to Vista Basic, thus saving a few MB of RAM.

The color scheme has been changed to Windows Basic View

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