This might take a few minutes. Fixed Windows 11 Update

This might take a few minutes. it would not often be a problem if Microsoft added an estimated timer, to know approximately how many minutes a Windows 11 update to complete this process. As he does Apple when the operating system is updated macOS.

As we are used to, operating systems need a restart to install more consistent updates, especially those that bring major kernel changes.

Many users are confused by the waiting time for setting up updates, when the blue screen appears with This might take a few minutes. Don’t turn off your PC.

This might take a few minutes. Don't turn off your PC.
Windows 11 Update

Most of the time, the best fix Windows 11 Update, it's time.

Fix: This might take a few minutes. Don't turn off your PC.

The first solution, as I said above, is... time. Give your computer more time to complete the update installation process Windows.

Time and patience

Depending on the volume of updates and the computer's hardware performance, this process can take from 3-5 minutes to more than half an hour. If this screen seems to be stuck, it is possible that in fact everything is working normally and the operating system will be launched after a while.

Patience is the most solution to this problem Windows 11 updates.

Ctrl + Alt + Del

Pressed simultaneously, the keys: Control + Alt + Delete interrupt the current process in which the command is executed. In the scenario where the system is not locked, the user login screen should appear on Windows (Login Screen).

Restart PC – Turn Off

After a longer wait, if you came to the conclusion that the PC remained blocked and the process Windows 11 update it is no longer completed, an exit from this screen and the solution to the problem is the "cold restart".

Hold down the "power" button for a few seconds and wait until the computer or laptop is completely closed. Wait 3-4 seconds and restart. It will most likely enter a short process of returning to the state before the updates.

Resume the update process.

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